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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Brooks talking to group

What can I expect when I attend?

Expect to learn from great, experienced (39+ years combined!) agents who will show you how they do it in their own highly successful agencies! You will walk away with knowledge and tools to make more money and take your agency to the next level.

How does this compare to other coaching workshops?

That's a great question! Simply put, third party consultants or coaches DO NOT teach our workshops. We are veteran agents who are still actively engaged in extremely successful practices.

Who can attend the workshops?

Our "Sales & New Customer Acquisition", "Life Insurance by the Numbers" and "Business Insurance with a BANG!" workshops are all designed for and open to Agents, Agent Aspirants, Office Managers and Licensed Team Members.

Due to the nature of the material covered (including staffing and scorecard), our "Agency Success Blueprint" workshop is designed for and open to Agents, Agent Aspirants and Office Managers only. Licensed Team Members are invited to attend the other 3 workshops.

Note: EMPLOYEES OF STATE FARM must obtain permission through their proper corporate channels before attending.

What happened to the Coaching & Accountability Workshop? I no longer see it on your “Workshops” page.

The workshop hasn't changed, but we recently renamed it "Agency Success Blueprint" in order to better reflect the workshop's focus - which is all aspects of running a highly successful agency (not just coaching and accountability).

Do the workshops teach sales using the State Farm platform and tools?

Yes, they are designed using only State Farm platforms, thereby avoiding any compliance issues.

Do I have to buy expensive software if I want to attend a workshop?

No, you will not need to purchase software before, during or after our workshops.

Do I have to sign up for an ongoing coaching contract or a yearly, monthly coaching contract?

This is not a coaching or consulting contract. It's simply about agents helping agents in a SIMPLE, POWER-PACKED WORKSHOP, with no ongoing costs to attendees.

How is this different from local meetings or company-sponsored meetings?

In our workshops, accomplished agents help guide attendees to replicate high levels of success using proven methodologies.

I have attended other meetings, seminars, and workshops that were a lot of hot air. Will this be more of the same?

We recognize that your time is valuable. Attending a workshop or sending your team members means time away from the office. We have worked extremely hard to put together a curriculum that offers an "All Meat, No Fluff" approach. We will simply give you the very best techniques and strategies that are available to today's agency force. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our workshop alumni have said about our workshops.

How long will it take for me to implement what I learn?

You set your own pace, and pick and choose what you implement. Ultimately, you will walk away with learnings you can use immediately to increase sales, income, and efficiency.

Can I use this as my training for new team members?

Our workshops are designed to help agents accelerate the training of their new team members.

Does this work for onboard veteran team members?

Yes, our workshops enable seasoned team members to take production well beyond the next level by learning how to engage in the accountability process.

What if I want to attend before sending my team?

Our workshops are designed to be experienced in any order you prefer. You can attend before, with, or after your team.

Where are the workshops held?

Workshops are hosted across the US in various markets. We rotate cities in order to give access to as many agents and team members as possible. Visit our "Schedule" page for the current schedule. Want us to bring our workshops to your area? Let us know.

What if I can’t attend the next workshop in my area?

While it is usually most convenient for participants to attend the workshops nearest them, it's not always feasible due to conflicts in scheduling, etc. We invite you to attend the workshops that work best for you in terms of date and location. Many of our participants attend workshops outside of their area, and some even extend their trip to allow for some sightseeing before or after!

What are other agents saying about your workshops?

Check out our "Testimonials".

What if I am a scratch/new market agent, smaller agent or a midsized agent? How can I relate to Jamie Brown, the largest Auto agent in the country?

Jamie has started two agencies: one in 1992 that began with 500 policies in force, and a Scratch MOA in March 2015. Yes, Jamie is now the largest agent in terms of auto policies in force. What does this mean to you? At one point, he was exactly the same size as every other agent in the company.

I'm not as active in my agency as I once was. Can this still benefit me?

YES! Regardless of your current level of engagement, we can still increase your sales, income, efficiency, and remove stress and hassle from your life.

Is workshop pricing per person or per agency?

Our base workshop pricing is $999 per person, per workshop. We are happy to offer agents a bundle discount of $500 when they register themselves to attend both workshops in a given city. Most agents choose this option if they can – it brings the cost to just $1,498 to attend the full 2 days (both workshops).

If you're looking to get the best bang for your buck, you might want to take advantage of our subscription-based virtual training resource – "B2 Virtual Trainer Plus". Not only is it a great 24/7 online training resource for your team, but it also entitles you and your entire team to 50% off base pricing for all workshops and Scrimmage Playbooks.

How do I justify the cost to attend the workshop(s)?

It's simple math really... Use $600 as an average annual premium for Auto Policy and Fire Policy, and a 10% commission rate. Based on that information: