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Testimonials: What Agents Are Saying About Us

I truly can't think of any agents I learn more from every time I am around them than Brooks and Jamie. The systems they have been kind enough to teach me from before I opened to today have greatly impacted my success and have no doubt taken my agency to heights we otherwise wouldn't have reached. I have no doubt that two of the best agents I am lucky enough to know, Brooks and Jamie, have the techniques, systems and ideas to raise agency success in any market at any time. Thanks for all you have done for me and for being willing to do it for other agents.

Chad Richards, Agent
Offices in:
Raleigh, North Carolina
Clayton, North Carolina

I have seen thousands of agents during my career. Brooks Baltich and Jamie Brown really stand out from the crowd. I have had the opportunity to visit both of them in their offices to see how they run their operations. Jamie has built a monster insurance machine. He has taken the discipline from the Navy Submarine Force and implemented it into his agency. When he came on the scene it was mind blowing to see how quickly and how large his business grew. His ability to think big has afforded him unprecedented success.

I have also been impressed with Brooks' very unique way of approaching the business. I have been to Richmond several times to visit his office. I even had Brooks come to my office to train my Aspirants and team members. His knack for breaking down concepts into a step by step process is awesome. When he puts something together it is designed from beginning to end to be simple, efficient, and repeatable.

I am excited about this opportunity for Jamie and Brooks to share their success on a broader scale. This is a great chance for Agents and their team members and I believe that everyone can learn from them.

Scott Foster, Agent
Conyers, Georgia

I came to B2's San Diego workshops with a little different perspective than most of your audience, but left challenged and pleased. From concept to execution, your material is relevant and on point. As difficult as it can be to address the full spectrum of agent experience, there was, truly, something for everyone. Of course, Scott is a treasure who cannot be fully appreciated unless seen in person. I stole (shamelessly) some of the technique he shared with us, giving me the courage and confidence yesterday to close one of the largest cases I've written because of the insight he shared in the use of timing and premium "finesse" in the sales presentation.

It will take a little while to plow through all of the extraordinary agency building comments and materials, but I believe you have given me a map through the enterprise that will allow me to not only remove stress for the team members, but add another 2,000 households to our operation, maybe more if I stay above ground that long! As valuable as production time is for the presenters, I know my attendance costs were returned in the first few hours of scrimmage! It's a shame that time is always so limited, but the Playbooks will take the edge off of that. Lastly, please continue your efforts and expand exposure of these materials to others wherever and whenever possible. There are far too many (legacy) agents out there that need a long drink of what Jamie and Brooks are bottling! 

Steve Arrington, Agent
Henderson, Nevada

In my 35 years, B2 Insight University is the Harvard of seminars! Brooks and Jamie have packed processes, production, and best practices into a two day workshop that will have an impactful changing effect on any agency, no matter where you are in your agency career!

Buster Nelson, Agent
Fredericksburg, Virginia

I liked the open feedback between all the agents. There is a wealth of knowledge in the room. I think the agenda and format you follow with the books are great! It allowed me to keep notes of my thoughts while following along. You guys kept us engaged and was very entertaining without it being forced! Very glad I attended and brought my office manager.

Aron Schuhrke, Agent
Lowell, Indiana

I just did two life presentations in the last hour of being open. One closed, and the other said he is coming back with his son. The proof is already in the pudding, and my team is excited for the virtual assistant. Thank you!

Chance Perry, Agent
Houston, Texas

After a year of hard work and dedication, it is now real. Officially YTD 341 Chairman Circle points. B2 Insight University was fundamental to our agency achievement and success. Thank you for everything you do for other agents.

Luisa Samuel, Agent
Phoenix, Arizona

I would have to say that B2 Insight University's "Life Insurance Sales by the Numbers" workshop in San Diego was the most informative and eye opening meeting that I have been to in a long time. It is nice to visit with agents who are willing to share their ideas on how they are getting it done. Jamie and Brooks help break down the numbers and show different ways to talk to people about Life Insurance - either in a casual conversation or in a more formal environment. The opportunity to access this information online is also a big plus to share with my team at anytime. Not only did they share their stories and ideas but they also brought in Scott Foster to help show how, after over 40 years of experience, you can continue to do it year after year. I would recommend this class to anyone and plan on attending more in the future.

Scott Bird, Agent
Nacogdoches, Texas

The B2 Virtual Trainer Plus program is one of the best investments I have made for the benefit of my Agency. Over my 33-year career as an Agent, B2's training modules have provided one of the most cost-effective, time saving solutions that have strengthened my ability to provide professional, complete and user-friendly training.

The well designed website provides a consistently powerful approach to understanding and implementing my Agency's goals and vision. It essentially provides a personal consultant and coach that is available 24/7 with unlimited access to continually updated material. The content works for new hires as well as tenured employees.

My team has found the modules' format and information very engaging. The B2 program has saved me valuable time when researching and prepping for weekly team meetings. We have found that reviewing the material prior to meetings has increased comprehension and productivity of these sessions. The form letters provided in both English and Spanish are instrumental in assuring that precise, accurate information is consistently conveyed to our clientele. Being able to listen as well as watch two of the top producers with State Farm provides invaluable perspective, insight and depth.

Jon Laskin, Agent
Washington, District of Columbia

Best conference I have attended in my 19 years of Agency! I left the conference feeling and thinking differently. I was charged up and motivated to make changes and tweak things - and I loved it!

I read Jamie's book,  "Driven to Succeed" on Sunday morning and used some of the material at my Monday morning team meeting. I also met with each individual TM on Monday and went through the auto scrimmage, pausing at key phrases and getting affirmation as to why things were stated the way they were and the reasoning behind it. I could see the minds turning. It was very cool!

I thank you again! You are both excellent presenters, great Agents and better yet, great people!

Carlos Chillon, Agent
Blue Island, Illinois

I'm using B2 Virtual Trainer Plus for my morning team meetings. I use B2 Virtual Trainer Plus to help train my team on specific items we are trying to improve on. The good thing about the program is that it has a broad range of topics from auto, to life, to loans, and even SFPP issues. I can pull the materials, teach it using the B2 system, and then role play what we learn. I also like it because I know Brooks and Jamie have proven sales approaches, so I don't have to guess on new approaches. I follow their lead and push forward to get results. My team members see that I'm taking the time to put good material in front of them. I'm not shooting from the hip on training. B2 helps me have a process.

Derek McCoy, Agent
Mountain Home, Arkansas

I always like to attend meetings and workshops where you get what I call "meat and potatoes". Everything presented is relevant and you can use it immediately. There is no "fluff" in this workshop. You will learn and it will make you better.

Warren Hodges, Agent
Memphis, Tennessee

Such a great two days of learning more about the "force" of agency. Thanks Jamie Brown and Brooks Baltich for sharing your expertise and knowledge in Nashville. If you are an agent wanting to grow your agency, I highly encourage you to attend B2 Insight University.

Carrie Divine, Agent
Morganfield, Kentucky

No sports team would ever play a game without practicing and scrimmaging, so why would we allow our team to talk with our clients without practicing and scrimmaging? This is so very important. Now how do you perform a great scrimmage with your team? That is where B2 has helped me. Having the online training at my and my staff's fingertips has proven invaluable. Our team meetings are all about training. How should we talk with our clients? How should we pivot? B2 Virtual Trainer Plus helps us ensure proper conversations and create a game plan. As an agent who has made travel every year except for one, and is a four-time Chairman's Circle qualifier and President's Club member, I honestly can say that I'm a better agent because of B2.

Gene Mondragon, Agent
Denver, Colorado

Attending this workshop was a great investment in my business. The workshop itself was phenomenal, with so many take away processes that can be easily implemented in the office. It is wonderful having the resources at your fingertips (workbook and jump drive), along with their Virtual Trainer Plus system.

Jeannie Hulse, Agent
Erie, Colorado

A real nuts and bolts way to motivate and inspire as well as educate team members and agents from world class sales leaders!

Thomas Waters, Agent
Homewood, Alabama

Brooks and Jamie's Scrimmage Playbook created pivotal positive changes in my agencies. We had a lot of good procedures, but never took the time to write them down. As new people were hired, we failed to transfer these best practices. This book snapped us back to productive professionalism. We scrimmage every day at our morning meeting. The Scrimmage Playbook has endless topics, so we are freed from creating custom training content. Also, there are so many good ideas and word tracks in there that we simply hadn't thought of. I recommend B2's Scrimmage Playbook to anyone who wants to run a high-performing, professional agency. Thanks Brooks and Jamie!

Michael Church, Agent
East Lansing, Michigan

The "Business Insurance with a BANG!" workshop was great. Jamie and Brooks have incredible knowledge about Business Lines. This workshop was perfectly timed as the company is planning to put such a focus in this area in the next two years, that this helped me start to get ahead of the company focus. I also signed up for the Virtual Trainer Plus, which allows me a track to run on for role playing in the office and a constantly accessible training tool for my office even when I am not there to train.

Taryn Reiss, Agent
Johns Creek, Georgia

This is my 2nd class administered by Jamie and Brooks. Sure, the content is great and gives a ton of insight into how to take my agency to the next level. But, more importantly, the way they present is engaging and they have a ton of passion for what they are doing - regardless of subject matter. That's what keeps me coming back.

Peyton Pettus, Agent
Monroe, Georgia

Everyone who is serious about taking their agency to the next level should attend a B2 workshop as soon as they can. I have been to every sort of workshop, seminar, and motivational speaker that has been offered in the last several years, and I have read all the books written by agents and outside achievers. They were all good, but this is by far the best. Excellent instruction, great workbook, and jump drives for all the material they spoke about. I think that Brooks and Jamie are probably going to make something out of themselves. Enjoyed every minute of it - great two days!

Jim Dickerson, Agent
Strongsville, Ohio

As a new agent I felt like a sponge, absorbing every bit of valuable information Jamie and Brooks shared at their workshop. They provide you with the hands-on tools, repeatable systems to implement, and an actionable plan laid out very clearly and concisely to take away and execute. I feel like it has now given me the confidence I need to be a successful agent going forward. Thank you to Jamie and Brooks for putting together such an informative, energizing workshop that I will surely take part in again.

Andre Spantopanagos, Agent
Port Chester, New York

If you want to grow your agency, these seminars are a MUST! I left the seminar pumped, and I now have training material to take our agency to the next level! If you want to be Chairman's Circle, Level 3, Exotic...all are possible. Go to the next class!

Dennis Keller, Agent
Augusta, Maine

I am a new agent, hungry to grow quickly. Financial services is the most difficult part for me to teach my team effectively. Brooks and James, with Scott Foster doing a segment, have given me solid, usable techniques to take back and help my team and I grow in financial services.

Greg Shamas, Agent
Albuquerque, New Mexico

B2 Insight University has me more excited than ever to come home and help my career by helping our current and potential customers. Not only do Jamie and Brooks have incredible product knowledge but they also have an incredible knack for knowing how to maximize production and in turn maximize profit. As an approved agency candidate they helped me realize my dream of being a State Farm Agent!

Brent Solberg, Agent
Bismarck, North Dakota

This is by far the best meeting I've ever attended. If you implement anything you learned, you will easily make more than what it cost to attend. These agents just think on a whole different level than most of us.

Trudy Goldsmith, Agent
Farmington, New Mexico

I went to B2's Washington, D.C. workshops in May 2016 and was just blown away with all the different Life strategies that an Agency can use to increase production. I just got back from attending their Sales and New Customer Acquisition workshop in New York and was astounded by all the ideas and strategies they offer to increase auto, fire and health production. Between these courses, Jamie Brown's book, "Driven to Succeed", and the Scrimmage Playbook that Brooks and Jamie offer for purchase, if an agent or agent's office just invests in all of this and implements what is taught, then success in selling and building on to your agency is an automatic.

C. Dennis Sasser, Agent
Fairfield, Ohio

Thanks so much for sharing your blueprint for building a high performing agency. I learned so much from both of you, and the takeaways will be valuable to me for many years to come. My team member returned to the office committed and inspired to think on a new level about prospecting and sales. I will definitely send more team members to future workshops.

Greg Long, Agent
Pleasantville, New York

I attended the 2-day workshop with my daughter who will be opening an Agency sometime in 2017. The information we learned is amazing. I wish I had all this information back in 2014 when I opened my scratch Agency. I would highly recommend this workshop to every Agent, agent aspirant and team member. It will be by far the best money you will ever invest to grow your business.

Jon D. Racow, Agent
Wallingford, Connecticut

B2 Insight University is a must for any agent to attend, regardless of tenure. Brooks & Jamie are top notch and give you detailed resources to take back to your office and implement immediately. A lot of workshops are full of fluff and high level motivation tactics but not these. These workshops are truly useful and worth every penny! I will definitely attend future workshops!!

Bronson Schubert, Agent
Edmond, Oklahoma

I've been to quite a few workshops and seminars before where people who aren't agents and aren't in the insurance field try to implement new business practices but with no gumption or proof of how they work. With Brooks and Jamie's workshop, their use of personal experience and visual aids certainly added a flow and also helped the newly acquired information to stick. I've never been so excited to come to work as I was the next day after B2's insightful training!!

Amy Ceponis, Agent Team Member
St. James, New York

Boot camps and trainings are always helpful to get the selling juices flowing, however this experience went above and beyond. Myself and my co-worker were both so energized with new ways that we can improve our sales that we could not wait to get back to the office and get on the phones. I feel more confident and prepared in my selling. I feel like there are no objections that I cannot get over with potential customers! Thank you!

Carrie Dyer, Agent Team Member
Scarborough, Maine

As an agent team member, I left with more tools and more insight on how to present our products. I left feeling more confident and excited to go back and implement what I learned. Thanks a million!

Marleny Bonilla, Agent Team Member
Bohemia, New York

Learn from the best -  how to empower your team, drive results and build your agency. Attend the next B2 Insight University workshops!

Mike Tighe, Agent
Flushing, New York

I would highly recommend attending the workshops presented by Jamie Brown and Brooks Baltich. I attended with my agent aspirant, Steve Barber. We both felt the material was well presented and the information was advantageous for all levels of agency. Where else can you spend two days with two talented agents who get it done?

Al Clark, Agent
Arlington, Texas

As a former full-time life insurance agent for 2 years with another Fortune 500 company prior to my 39 years (and counting) here as a multiline agent, I found Brooks and Jamie's "Life Insurance Sales by the Numbers: Proven Systems That Generate Apps, Premium & Volume" the most comprehensive and engaging Life Insurance seminar that I have personally attended. This 1.5 day seminar covers all aspects of the Life Insurance process – including product knowledge, underwriting, claims and sales strategies. Brooks and Jamie provide easy to understand instruction while also being quite entertaining. This seminar should be required for all agents no matter their tenure. These guys have hit this one out of the park!

G. Stephen Dulaney, Agent
Great Falls, Virginia

There is no greater resource within the company or from outside consultants that delivers the blueprint for agency success better than Jamie and Brooks. They take the complex business of running an agency and break it down into systems for hiring, planning and selling – including the tools to implement. Jamie takes it down to the raw numbers and Brooks' knowledge of life insurance is second to none! I strongly recommend this class to every agent aspirant as a boot camp, as well as high performing team members and agents who want to be the best at our game.

Jeff Conley, Agent
Bethesda, Maryland

I went to this conference hoping just to have one take-away to use. I am totally amazed at what I learned. Brooks and Jamie gave what I consider one of the most complete and useful programs and playbooks that anyone in Agency can use to start increasing their agency production almost immediately. Fantastic seminar and materials. Thank you so much!

C. Dennis Sasser, Agent
Fairfield, Ohio

When was the last time you dedicated 1 1/2 days to just PURE LIFE INSURANCE TRAINING?  If you are looking at getting back into the life insurance game, or looking at ways to boost either your Premium or App production, this is the course for you. As always, Brooks and Jamie pulled off another action-packed instructional class. There were so many tidbits of ideas and information that they shared - useful techniques that you and your team members can use the next day that will boost your production and put more money in your pocket. It was amazing. Thank you for sharing, Brooks and Jamie! What's next? Count me in!

Kathy Nash, Agent
Punta Gorda, Florida

Thank you for another fantastic learning opportunity! All of the content was helpful, and I appreciate the thorough, well-planned agenda. I am confident that I will be able to execute any of the strategies shared due to the excellent presentation and materials offered. The "Naval Academy style" format of the meeting was also greatly appreciated. Having time allotted throughout the day to pause and consider the information offered was very effective.

Susan Lynch, Agent
Federalsburg, Maryland

Jamie and Brooks made me realize that there is not some huge secret to selling life insurance. Being able to break down yearly goals into a daily quoting goal makes the goals attainable. By developing, implementing, and practicing a process that you follow day in and day out, you will find success in any line of insurance or business. They made me realize that a couple of small changes and steps everyday add up to a great amount of production by the end of the year.

Jordon Ward, Agent Aspirant
Tampa, Florida

Jamie and Brooks have organized and set up training that is timeless for on-boarding and training staff and sales reps. They have packaged everything we think of as agents but never get around to executing. Highly recommend to any agent.

Angelo Tzinares, Agent
Homewood, Illinois

The B2 Insight University workshop is one of the best investments an Agent can make to stay productive, profitable and continue to move forward in a very competitive market. There was so much great information given that will really help streamline our office procedures to be more productive and generate more premium.

Denise Murchie, Office Manager
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am a 38-year Agent - 2 x President's Club Life and 25 x Life Ambassador Traveler. I recently attended Brooks and Jamie's workshops to learn new business practices, and they exceeded my expectations with tremendous takeaways. I also visited Brooks at his Richmond, VA office a couple of years ago for an Agent Study Group meeting. There, I heard his approach to presenting Limited Pay Life coverage to clients - it was a career changer that resulted in a paradigm shift in thinking. I am now writing larger life premium cases!

G. Stephen Dulaney, Agent
Great Falls, Virginia

I wanted to share the success that we are having since I attended the workshops in Dallas, TX.  Before attending the workshop, my office had written 11 life applications during the month of January and the first half of February. After attending the workshop and getting the tools to make changes to our processes so that everyone in the office is consistently quoting and saying the same thing, we have written 18 life applications in just over a month! Great workshop, thanks for the help!

Adam Haynes, Agent
Burley, Idaho

I had the privilege to attend the B2 Insight University workshop that was held in Irving, Texas this past week. I am a 42-year agent who has made the President's Club over 50 times, and the Chairman's Circle 10 times. I had been looking for something to get me to the next level in my Agency. The B2 Insight University workshop that Brooks Baltich and Jamie Brown teach is the most fantastic seminar that I have ever attended. I left the seminar with a breath of fresh air in my Mental Mind. I came away with so many new sales ideas that have been proven to work with 2 of the best agents. Most seminars are taught by professional trainers with no sales experience. It is the best $1498 that I have ever spent in my 42 years in the business. These guys talk the talk and walk the walk.

Mike Davis, Agent
Grapevine, Texas

Attending these coaching sessions was the best investment that I could have ever made for my agency. The ideas and strategies that were shared by Brooks and Jamie were clear, effective, and easily implemented. They shared their systems for new business acquisition, among other things, which was invaluable! I strongly recommend attending these coaching sessions if you are serious about increasing your income, agency efficiency, and team accountability.

Cherie Morrison, Agent
Apex, North Carolina

Both Brooks & Jamie were very hands-on with sharing their processes, which was great. The amount of content that they covered and how they simplified it all made it really easy for me to go back & apply it quickly and easily. Thanks, guys! Looking forward to the next.

Terry Schmeck, Agent
Newark, Delaware

I highly recommend these workshops. I sent two less experienced sales representatives to the first workshop, and in the 4 weeks since they have increased their weekly production by 20% and 30% respectively. Their energy, enthusiasm and confidence on the phone has been noticeably boosted as well. I like what I see so much that I sent two more team members to the next session.

Brian Downes, Agent
Offices In:
Flushing, New York
Fresh Meadows, New York

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Brooks and Jamie shared their remarkable marketing ideas and insights of their businesses. I highly recommend this training workshop for all Agents who want a fresh look at their business. It has given me a new insight and many concrete ideas. I particularly thought the discussions about scrimmages were extremely helpful and have already incorporated them in our team meetings.

Sharon Godfrey, Agent
McLean, Virginia

This workshop was great! Being able to learn from the best in our company is a true blessing! I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking to implement different processes in their agency to increase production and efficiency. I will be implementing a lot of these techniques once my opportunity to become an Agent comes. Thank you!

Dariel Martinez, Agent Aspirant
Miami, Florida

I recently had the privilege of attending the Sales & New Customer Acquisition Workshop in Florida. The motivation and drive that I left with beyond exceeded my expectations. Jamie and Brooks are truly two of the best. The sales tactics and sales mindset they shared have already increased my production. I left knowing exactly what to implement into my 2016 Business Plan to be successful and do differently than the others around me. I would highly recommend attending this workshop if you have the opportunity. They truly know what they are doing...and it works!

Laci Barnard, Team Member
Pasadena, Texas

Six years ago, I reinvented my Agency. I am indebted to Jamie Brown for mentoring me thru that turmoil. He taught me how to leverage myself across more people, put controls into place to ensure quality & performance, and gave me the tools to actually hold my team accountable. I would not be where I am today without that valuable counsel.

Brooks Baltich helped me and continues to help me take that to the next level. He has the unique talent & intellect for objectively analyzing your business and showing you the hidden opportunities within. Brooks has been kind enough over the years to provide me insight into the great potential my Agency has – which I did not previously see.

If you have the opportunity to spend time learning from Jamie Brown and Brooks Baltich... you need to make sure you seize it.

Scott Garvey, Agent
Offices In:
Baltimore, Maryland
Federal Hill, Maryland

Jamie Brown and I have shared marketing and business ideas for over 10 years. One of the keys to his success is his ability to break down an Annual Sales Goal into simple realistic weekly goals. That is how he has remained one of the leaders in Auto and Fire production for the past 20 years. The other key is his ability to hire, train, and hold his team accountable using systems and processes. I met Brooks many years ago. He and I have collaborated on many ideas, especially on business insurance. He has a very unique approach to the market and to working his agency. If you have the chance to learn from Jamie & Brooks, take advantage of the opportunity to maximize the growth of your own Agency. Success leaves clues; learn from some of the best. All agents could benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Aaron Smith, Agent
Souix Falls, South Dakota

Wow. What an extraordinary opportunity for Independent Agencies!!! While spending time in the offices of both Brooks and Jamie, I was exposed to systems, processes, and daily activity habits that, if applied like blueprints on a construction project, would work in any agent's business. I have known many highly successful agents but not so many that can teach what they do with clarity. Brooks and Jamie have broken down the systems they use and tagged each aspect with the skills, time, and resources needed to run those systems. By immersing yourself in these workshops, you will know precisely what is needed to achieve the incremental improvements that you are willing to work for in each line.

I am loving retirement, but if I wanted to start over and build something great again, I believe I could take these blueprints and do it measurably better than I did it 30 years ago.

Ginger Correll, Agent - Retired
Galax, Virginia

During my time in the insurance industry I have been able to spend time with a lot of successful agents at multiple Chairman's Circle meetings, SVP trips, and also exotic travel. I have never met better agents at creating processes for success for all aspects of running an agency than Brooks & Jamie. In particular, I have learned how to manage my time more wisely and become more effective as an agent. They also have an incredible system for accountability which has helped me stay focused on my goals and as a result I have been able to accomplish things that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. In addition to the processes, their word tracks and sales conversations have helped me maximize my IFRs with my customers. I truly value all the time I get to spend around them and I can't think of a better agents for other agents to learn from. The things that they can teach, when applied, will prove to be invaluable for any agency.

David Borland, Agent
Williamsburg, Virginia

Thank you for helping me walk through different systems. Your ability to break down the steps for sales processes has been a game changer for my agency. I appreciate your ability to listen and understand the challenges I have faced and help find solutions that work for my team.

We have talked about everything from auto sales, to life sales, to truly uncovering a client's needs, and it has helped me to personally hold myself and my team accountable to our goals. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Meredith Baldridge, Agent
Brevard, North Carolina

Great mentors. Excellent agents that I highly respect and when they speak, I listen! This has helped with my systems and processes have helped me to create a system in my agency that has definitely made us successful. The systems hold me accountable to be successful in all aspects of life. With this guidance, I qualified for Chairman's Circle.

Mike Livesay, Agent
Portsmouth, Virginia

I was fortunate enough to get to know Brooks and Jamie in the early beginnings of my career. Their willingness to share their knowledge has blessed my life financially and by allowing me to have more time to successfully run my business the way I want and need to. I can't think of a more successful group of agents that possess both the unique and rare ability to both teach and organize then put into practice what they have learned over the years of being extremely successful agents.

Michael Bagley, Agent
Berthoud, Colorado

Great coaching, accountability and process class that breaks it all down so it can all be implemented efficiently.

Kelly Hagar, Agent
Offices In:
Palm Beach, Florida
Jupiter, Florida

If you are an agent that is looking to improve your systems and a process to inspect what you expect in your office, this is the workshop for you!

Gundie Bonner, Agent
Davie, Florida

Jamie and Brooks share duplicatable systems that if implemented consistently will allow you to steer your agency to the right track. You will get a return on the investment of going to their workshop.

William Knight, III, Agent Aspirant
Fort Pierce, Florida

I highly recommend B2 Insight University to any agent with the desire to increase their agency opportunity exponentially. Brooks and Jamie have an incredible resume of dynamic performance consistently throughout their agency careers, and in this workshop share a clear and concise guideline for implementation of the systems and procedures that have brought them success. While they share a great deal of information, the structure and format of delivery is engaging and concise, not in any way overwhelming. If you haven't attended, you've definitely missed out!

Katherine Baustert, Agent
Middleburg, Florida

Workshop was well worth the cost; value received far outweighs the cost and time to attend. No matter what size agency you have, the seminar will help your agency in growth and efficiency. A must for engaged team members!

Robert Ranew, Agent
Merritt Island, Florida

Awesome workshop! Attention to detail is outstanding!

Layne Peer, Agent
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This workshop is incredibly valuable if you are looking to improve your office efficiency and sales team skills.

Steve Hagar
Palm Beach, Florida

I chose to attend the Seminar to gain some knowledge, but also to revitalize my vision for my agency and for me. Mission accomplished!

Lee Talbot, Agent
Severna Park, Maryland

I sent two team members to the workshop and have been more than thrilled with the results. I know that many agents, including myself, come back to the office from most meetings with great intentions to implement new ideas that we've learned. The problem is that our everyday business gets in the way and we end up acting on very few of them. I can tell you that this workshop is very different. The ideas and practices from Jamie and Brooks are extremely clear, precise and straightforward. They have made it easy to implement these techniques which help to improve business in countless ways.

Ken Phelps, Agent
Pasadena, Texas

Brooks Baltich and Jamie Brown have been an invaluable resource for me as I built my agency. They use creativity and out of the box thinking to generate large production numbers and set themselves apart from other agents. The systems and processes they use and teach are extraordinary and helped me become a successful agent. They don't hold anything back when sharing their knowledge and expertise with others. I am grateful to both of them for the help and advice they have given me along the way.

Scott Richardson, Agent
Ames, Iowa

I have known Jamie Brown for close to two decades and have been astonished at his consistent growth in the Property & Casualty lines. We often joke that if you combined Jamie's Agency and my Agency together you would have the perfect Agency with the proper blend of Property & Casualty and Financial Services. I believe the secret behind Jamie's success has been his disciplined approach along with his vision and ability to develop and hold his team accountable. I have known Brooks Baltich since he was my client in the 90's. He is a student of the insurance industry. He does a great job at systematizing things. You will gain a lot from this power team.

Dave Christy, Agent
Offices in:
Spokane Valley, Washington
Pullman, Washington
Spokane, Washington

I attended the Coaching & Accountability Workshop and haven't stopped talking about it since. The tips on hiring and recruiting helped us get higher quality candidates in the office and saved us a ton of time that we were spending on recruiting. Jamie and Brooks also gave us some great ideas on a Service Bonus for team members that we've already incorporated into our existing plan. The Scorecard info was great. I could go on and on. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this valuable and specific advice from two of the very best!

Abby Skowron, Office Manager
Pasadena, Texas