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Agency OpCenter

Did you know that the most highly successful agents spend between 30-60 minutes per day training their teams?

Agency OpCenter is an online, monthly subscription-based training resource to help prepare your team for “game time”. Just a single subscription entitles you and all of your team members to 24/7 access from anywhere on any computer (including company computers!), tablet or mobile phone.

The power of Agency OpCenter is that it delivers everything you need to consistently train to win, while freeing you from all the work. It’s like hiring an expert dedicated trainer in your office at a fraction of the effort and cost!

Our frequently updated content benefits both veteran and rookie team members - keeping everyone in the office razor-sharp and on the same page.

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“You don’t win because you want to;
you win because you train to.”

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University Football Coach

What’s Included With Your Subscription?

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Training & Resources

On-demand virtual training for everyone in the office! Accessible 24/7, our material works overtime training your staff without overtime expenses.
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With two new webinars added per month (one sales-oriented & one service-oriented), you’ll enjoy a continual flow of fresh information.
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Video Vignettes

Quick sales and service demonstrations that let you see and hear how it’s done!
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Audio Vignettes

Over 100 scripted concepts covering both sales & service.
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Letter Library

Over 100 pre-written, downloadable letters and templates that ensure consistency and professionalism across the board. Available in both English and Spanish!
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Process Library

Invaluable access to our 39+ combined years of experience in determining the simplest, most effective ways to accomplish a wide range of office tasks and processes. Finally, your entire staff can train to do everything in the office consistently and efficiently.
Overcoming Objections icon

Overcoming Objections

Scripted responses to common and even not-so-common objections. No more trying to figure out what to say if… Now everyone can have the same appropriate responses committed to memory.
Training Road Map icon

Training Road Map

Recommended training paths for both new and veteran team members.
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Quiz System

Put your team members to the test! OpCenter material quizzes help assess your team members knowledge by identifying strong points and areas for improvement.

Script System

Use our library consisting of more than 180 tried and true sales, service, and underwriting scripts. With Customer / Agency dialog, coaching, and pivot opportunities, your team members can navigate the conversation with ease.
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Scoreboard System

Track your team members performance with leading and lagging indicators by insurance line. Assign agency goals by distributing among team members and encourage team competition for best performance.
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Time Clock

Manage your team members labor hours with Agency OpCenter Time Clock. Simple Clock-In/Clock-Out for workday and lunch break. Select time period and run report tool for payroll reporting, even download data as CSV.

Subscriber Benefits Include:

  • No Contract Required: Subscriptions are renewed on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.
  • Time Savings: Saves you an infinite amount of time preparing for and teaching sales & service essentials, especially as staff turns over.
  • Flexibility: Training can happen on any schedule. No more checking calendars to coordinate training sessions.
  • Constantly Updated: New material is added frequently, removing the burden from you to continually scramble for fresh material that will keep the team “tuned up”.

Cost Justification:

How many additional sales would you have to make in order to justify the $99 monthly subscription cost?

Let’s assume the following:

  • $600 Annual Auto & Fire Premium
  • 10% average commission
  • 1 sale = $60 in commission
  • $99 divided by $60 = 1.65

So, rounding up, you’d need to make just 2 additional sales each month to cover the cost.

This does not take into account the time savings you’ll enjoy with our Training Resources, Process Library and Letter Library. How much is an hour of your time worth in training, etc.?

Potential Tax Deduction: Be sure to ask your CPA about deducting your subscription costs as a business expense.


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