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Terms & Conditions


B2 Insight University offers workshop training, online virtual training, and the Scrimmage Playbook series of training tools exclusively to State Farm Agents and their team members, office managers, and agent aspirants.

State Farm has not reviewed or approved this material and neither supports or endorses the material presented. Additionally, State Farm makes no warranty regarding the accuracy or usability of the information contained in the presentation.

For Workshops

Money-Back Guarantee (Workshop Tuition Only)

At B2 Insight University, we are confident in the workshops that we offer. We go to great lengths to ensure all participants receive a valuable workshop experience. Hence, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee, subject to the following terms, conditions, and processes:

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B2 Insight University reserves the right to decline the workshop registration and/or attendance of anyone for any reason.

For multiple reasons, B2 Insight University requires that all workshop attendees must be paid, regardless of their position or reason for attendance. This includes spouses and travel partners.

EMPLOYEES OF STATE FARM must obtain permission through their proper corporate channels before attending B2 workshops.

For Scrimmage Playbooks

All Sales Final

Due to the nature of the material, B2’s Money Back Guarantee does not apply to Scrimmage Playbooks. All sales are final.


B2 Insight University’s Scrimmage Playbooks are training resources designed to help agents in training for the production and sale of insurance products. It is designed for licensed insurance professional training only. It is not a customer-facing resource and is not intended for use with clients.


B2 Insight University does not guarantee the accuracy of tax and legal matters and is not liable for errors or omissions. You are urged to check with tax and legal professionals in your state, province or country.

For B2 OpCenter

Subscription Auto-Renewal

Your B2 OpCenter subscription will auto-renew on a monthly basis using the credit card information on file from the originating order. This information, which can be updated at any time, is securely stored with the credit card processing gateway provider, and will never be saved on our servers.


You may cancel your B2 OpCenter subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, access to OpCenter will expire on the last day of the paid month, and your card will not be charged again.

All Sales Final

Due to the nature of the material, B2’s Money Back Guarantee does not apply to Agency OpCenter. While all subscription sales are final, they may be canceled at any time so that your credit card will not be charged for the automatic renewal at the end of the paid month.

Account Sharing

Agency OpCenter subscribers have can create delegate accounts for team members in your office. Your login credentials may not be shared with any agents or others outside of your own agency. Such unauthorized sharing may result in immediate cancellation of the subscription, with no refund or credit granted for days remaining.